Assumptions and foundations
WithVaia Doudaki
Pages 6

This study departs from the assumption that news is a privileged terrain where discursive struggles (over power) are represented and take place. Using as a case study the news coverage of the economic crisis in Greece, this book explores the discourses of legitimation of political decisions, actors, and policies in the news. Legitimation in this study relates to the establishment of a sense of beneficial, ethical, or necessary action in specific settings (Vaara 2014, 503; Vaara and Tienari 2008, 986). The analysis of news related to the economic crisis aims at the identification of the struggles over legitimation and authority building of the protagonists of the economic crisis in Greece. In this book, we study how these leading actors attempt to establish a consensual perception of legitimacy to their actions and authority and discredit those of their opponents, creating “realities that advance their interests”, in their effort “to achieve discursive dominance” (Reshef and Keim 2014, 18).