chapter  6
?2-Continuous Cubic Algebraic Splines and Their Efficient Display M. Paluszny and R. R . P atterson
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The term algebraic spline or A-spline refers to splines which are pieced to­ gether from algebraic curves. These were introduced by Sederberg [13,14] and were further studied in [1,7,8,9]. They are cubic if each piece is a segment of an algebraic cubic, which means that it has an equation of the form

in Euclidean coordinates, or

in barycentric coordinates, where a,j and a ,^ are real constants and s -h t u = 1. G2-continuity means that adjacent segments of the spline have the same tangent lines and curvatures at the joint points. The algebraic splines discussed here are locally convex; that is, free of inflection points.