chapter  13
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Holistic analysis on affective source of Japanese traditional skills

WithK. Morimoto and N. Kuwahara, Japan

Traditional industries supported by skillful craftsmanship have being narrowed fields of activity in Japan, because their advanced and affective skills are not transformed to the next generation. Skills of traditional craftsmanship are unique in Japan, and the viewpoint will be changed to promote the industry relevant to their skills. The characteristics of the traditional craftsmanship have to be solved and utilized it in a frontier industry. It is required to know what is the tips and intuition of them, and to harness it in proper fields. If a machine can be made to learn their tips and intuition, we will be able to apply it to various manufacturing processes. We propose and discuss new approach of skill research based on overall viewpoint to relief and express the elements that compose tacit knowledge of traditional craftsmanship.