chapter  14
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Representation and management of physical movements of technicians in graph-based data model

We have proposed a graph-based data model, the Directed Recursive Hypergraph data Model (DRHM), for representing the contents of multimedia data (Hochin, 2006, Hochin and Nomiya, 2009, Hochin, 2010, Ohira, Hochin and Nomiya, 2011, Hochin, Ohira and Nomiya, 2012). It incorporates the concepts of directed graphs, recursive graphs, and hypergraphs. An instance graph is the fundamental unit in representing an instance. A collection graph is a graph having instance graphs as its components. A shape graph represents the structure of the collection graph. Shape graphs may change when instance graphs are inserted, or modified. As the existence of instance graphs affects shape graphs, DRHM is said to be an instance-based data model. Although DRHM has been proposed for representing the contents of multimedia data, image stills are the targets of the contents representation in DRHM. Video data are not treated yet. The movements of skilled people are required to be represented for deriving their skills and teaching them to novices.