chapter  17
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A study on the traditional charm of natural dyes: Focusing on preprinting mordant

Weakness of preprocessing the mordant before multi-color dye in natural dye can be solved by following the visible benefits deduction.

Applied mordant with air contact caused change on standing effect after printing but between 6 hours to 1 week it became stabilized. Used jointly mordant's greatest characteristic is there are no changes in color tones when copper is mixed with mordant. Result of lowest change in color tone was from Pagoda tree and iron mordanting showed maximum absorption wavelength shifted to bathochromic shift when multi color pigment was processed with preprocessing mordant. From sharpness of outline effect, preprocessing with tin showed low result where iron with used jointly caused unlevel dyeing occurrence. Preprocessing mordant for individual mordant was replaced by color fastness where mordant used jointly with copper showed lower color fastness result comparing to individual mordant.