chapter  25
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A study on the relationship between pleasures and design attributes of digital appliances

As the importance of affective elements of product is becoming more emphasized, increasing number of research on affect and emotion has been conducted for the past decade. Especially, as the pleasure is known to be at the core of affective experience, researchers have proposed various typologies of the pleasure. However, these conceptual typologies and their related elements have not been investigated empirically yet. In this study, an hypothetical model of the relationships between perceived pleasure and design attributes was suggested. The proposed hypothetical model and its elements were then examined by conducting user surveys and assessment experiments on mobile phones. It was found that there are some causal relationships between physiological pleasure and design attributes of the visceral level, and psychological pleasure and design attributes of the behavioral level and reflective level, respectively. Also, a causal relationship was found between sociological and ideological pleasure and design attributes of the reflective level. It is expected that this study lays the foundation for future studies on designing affective and pleasurable product.