chapter  30
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Development of enhanced teaching materials for skill based learning by using a smart phone and Second Life

In this paper, we present our new learning modules we developed for actions observed in the virtual world called 3Di such as in Linden Lab's Second Life and training by using a smart phone. First, we developed two kinds of learning modules enabling students to understand the differences between a veteran's action and a beginner's. One was “Using a hammer” and another was “Using a saw” as avatar animations in the virtual world. The avatar animations were made using a motion capture system, effectively allowing us to recreate actual actions of both a veteran and a beginner. Second, we developed skill-training material by using a smart phone. In a situation such as using a saw, learners put a smart phone on his/her saw with an attachment, and perform sawing. Then, this application evaluates the learner’s motion. Using these types of learning materials helps beginners learn how to use tools without a teacher.