chapter  31
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Sensor system for skill evaluation of technicians

WithN. Kuwahara, Z. Huang, A. Nagata, K. Morimoto, J. Ota, M. Kanai, J. Maeda, M. Nakamura, Y. Kitajima and K. Aida, Japan

In this paper, we propose self-training system for nursing care students by using the 3D depth sensor and the camera. Our proposed system focuses on the nursing care skills of patient transfer from a bed to a wheelchair and bed making because these skills requires proper use of body mechanics in order to prevent a lower-back injury of nurses and careers. In order to implement such self-training system, the automatic evaluation method of skills is one of the essential functions. Firstly, we discussed the design the checklists for evaluating above-mentioned skills with teachers of the nursing school. Next, we prototyped the system that monitors the trainee’s motion during trainee’s practice and by using the recognition algorithm, the system automatically evaluates trainee’s performance based on abovementioned checklists. We conducted the preliminary experiment for comparing evaluation results of the system to those of teachers, and examined that the system could evaluate trainee’s performance with almost same precision as teachers did. Also, we confirmed the effectiveness of the feedback from our proposed system.