chapter  3
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New concept for newspaper kiosk through understanding users’ behavior

This study is concerned with obtaining design specifications for generating a new concept of newspaper kiosk, located in the streets of Tehran. Despite of the importance of newspaper kiosk in Persian culture, they have many shortcomings. In order to obtain a better understanding regarding newspaper kiosks’ problems, there was a need for conducting a study. For this aim a precise observation was carried out and thirty users were interviewed regarding their feeling and interactions with kiosk. Samples were chosen randomly among the people who were interacting with the newspaper kiosk. They were from different social groups and were various in gender and age. As a result of this study, four key words were obtained. The customers were asked to mention their opinions regarding each of these key words. The data were analyzed statistically with Excel software and key words were classified due to the customers’ priorities. The Quality Function Deployment (QFD) method was used to translate the voice of customer to the design parameters. The outputs of QFD can help to generate new concept for newspaper kiosk.