chapter  52
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The Kansei research on the price labels of shoes

WithS. Charoenpit and M. Ohkura, Japan

The Kansei values of industrial products are considered very important. In this study, we focused on the factors affecting the price-labels of shoes for sale both in Japan and Thai from the Kansei engineering aspect. Experiments were planned for 160 participants in Japan and Thai that separated 8 groups related to the conditions of gender, age and nationality. We designed an experiment of answering questionnaire via internet. The experiment was divided into two parts. As for the former part, we designed questionnaires in web page in which participants evaluates each item comparing two figures of the price labels of shoes that affect decision to buy shoe. The number of the repetition of the comparison is 78 in Japan and 66 in Thai. As for the latter part, we designed the questionnaires in web page having 5 questions related to the reasons for the selection of the price labels of shoes in the former part. The candidates of shoe-labels some screen shots of the questionnaire system. From the results of the analysis of variance, the results of (F.4), (F.5), (F.6) and (F.12) of the price labels of shoes in Japan have statistically significant difference from age groups between 20 – 25 years old and 40 – 50 years old at the p< 0.05 level.