chapter  56
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The effect of web page complexity and use occasion on user preference evaluation

For years, determining how to design appealing web pages has been taken as an important issue by many researchers and designers. Previous studies have suggested that users’ first impression is a key factor affecting their willingness to stay on that particular web page. The feelings resulting from actual usage affect the probability of revisiting that web site (Lee & Koubek, 2010). Several studies on interface design have adopted Berlyne’s theory to investigate users’ preferences in regard to certain user interface designs (Pandir & Knight, 2006; Tuch et al., 2009). However, in previous research studies, the definitions relating to web page complexity remain deficient. Thus, interface designers have a limited understanding of how web page complexity affects users’ preference judgment. Hence, this study aims to investigate the issue of satisfying user preferences. Two main aspects are discussed in this study: use occasion and web page complexity.