chapter  58
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Design principles for sustainable social-oriented bike applications

WithD. Lee, C.-L. Lee, Y.-M. Cheng, L.-C. Chen, S.-C. Sheng, Taiwan F. Sandness, Norway, and C. Johnson, UK

As the understanding of environmentally green issues grows, HCI researchers have attempted to explore the potential of technology to encourage people to develop healthy and environmentally friendly lifestyles. Recently, promoting biking has become a hot topic. Although there are a number of positive examples known to enhance biking experiences based on augmenting human perception and awareness of their surroundings, there are still questions of where exactly their success lies. This highlights a necessity for designs that encourage biking while addressing its sustainability. This paper proposes a new perspective, inspired in part by the social influence emphasized in previous work. We also looked at the existing bike

applications and persuasive research to extract a set of principles and applied them to construct and present a new design of a social-oriented application for biking.