chapter  61
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Affective evaluation and design of customized layout system

WithC.-C. Hsu and M.-C. Chuang, Taiwan

Since the introduction of Web2.0, blog has become the virtual space where people express their uniqueness and define themselves in relationship to social groups. Nowadays blog platforms offer a choice of ready-designed interface layout templates, thus lowering the technological and cost threshold for setting up personal blogs. However, little research has been undertaken analyzing users’ experience when using blog interfaces. This article uses the Semantic Differential (SD) method to evaluate affective responses and then used Multidimensional Scaling (MDS) algorithms PREFMAP to explore main dimensions influencing users’ affective responses to personalized blog interfaces. In conclusion, this study: (1) investigates the relationship between blog interfaces and design features; (2) provides guidance for blog design and applications of customized templates system.