chapter  63
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Psychological factor in color characteristics of casual wear

WithC. Mizutani, K. Kurahayashi, M. Ukaji, T. Sato, S. Kitaguchi, G. Cho, S. Park and K. Kajiwara, Japan

A human character plays a role in choosing a color of everyday dressing. The human character test (YG test) confirmed a majority of the youth as the wellrounded type or the aggressive type with a moderate psychological stress. The eccentric type suffers from psychological stress in large extent, but the administrative type is relatively stable for psychological stress. The eccentric type has a specific color preference for purple but obtains fashion information casually. Since RP (red-purple) and P (purple) indicate the nobility, self-expression and offensiveness, the subjects of the administrative type and the eccentric type lead the fashion scene but within the published information. Considering the Japan cool consists of more individualistic styles such as Lolita and Goth-Loli, the Japan cool could have been emerged from the private clothes of the aggressive type and the placid type, and not from the fashion leaders. The black-list type tends to be an “otaku” type and we notice this type reacts with fashion in a characteristic way by expressing more individualistic taste. The majority of the Korean subjects are classified as the aggressive type. The Korean youth count their fashion information on the US/European fashion magazine and internet, so that the street fashion in Korea is rather ubiquitous and less distinct regardless of personal characters.