chapter  64
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Sound characteristics and auditory sensation of combat uniform fabrics

The objectives of this study were to investigate the sound characteristics of combat uniform fabrics and to provide the condition for arousing positive sensibility by measuring psychological sensation for the frictional sound of the fabrics. The frictional sounds of six combat uniform fabrics were generated by the Simulator for Frictional Sound of Fabrics(SFSF). The frictional speeds of fabrics were determined with the speeds of walking, jogging, and running. The frictional sounds were recorded by the Data Recorder of the Pulse System(Type 7700, B&K), then the SPL and Zwicker’s parameters were calculated by the Sound Quality Program(ver. 3.2, B&K). Variables for psychological sensibility are loudness, highness, sharpness, roughness, hardness, obscurity, changeableness, and pleasantness and these were measured with the 7-point Semantic Differential Scales(SDS). The values of SPL, loudness(Z), roughness(Z), and fluctuation strength(Z) were significantly increased by frictional speed. As increasing speed level, the frictional sounds were evaluated as louder, higher, harder, more changeable and unpleasant. As the results of regression analysis, combat uniform fabrics would have subjective pleasantness by reducing SPL, loudness(Z), and roughness(Z).