chapter  65
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Effect of color on visual texture of fabrics

WithE. Yi and A. Lee, Korea

This study was aimed to investigate if visual texture could be affected by color variables such as CIE values and hue/tone categories as well as mechanical properties of fabrics and to establish prediction models for fabric visual texture using both mechanical properties and color variables. Six different silk and cotton fabrics were colored into 3×3 hue (Red, Yellow, and Green)/tone (pale, vivid, and grayish) for chromatic shades and Gray for neutral using digital textile printing system and were measured by Kawabata Evaluation System for their mechanical properties. Subjective sensation of visual texture was evaluated with human participants using modified magnitude estimation. As results, sensory descriptors of fabric visual texture were primarily influenced by mechanical properties. Moreover there were also significant differences in each of them among tones as well as between chromatic shade and Gray while hue categories didn’t give any effect. Finally prediction models for visual texture were provided by employing both mechanical properties and color variables.