chapter  72
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Conscious and unconscious music from the brain: Design and development of a tool translating brainwaves into music using a BCI device

Music plays a fundamental role in games, Virtual Reality and digital entertainment design, due to the impact of music in humans’ experiences, emotions and cognitive processes. An interesting question is if it could be possible to design and develop a tool reproducing conscious and unconscious music by subjects’ brain activity. This work presents the first step of a challenging research about the effect of different combinations of perceptual and cognitive aspects in individuals’ ability to create music consciously by brain. In fact, thanks to information collected in literature and in our previous experiments, we designed and developed a prototype of a software tool allowing users to play music by unconscious or conscious brain activity. This first prototype is currently working, allowing us to perform more experiments, in order to refine the tool and to deeper understand more complex emotional and cognitive phenomena in music active listening and performing.