chapter  81
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Exploring low-glance input interfaces for use with augmented reality heads-up display GPS

An Augmented Reality Automotive GPS Navigation System (AR-HUD GPS) is designed to streamline the current state of automotive wayfinding. AR-HUD GPS can improve usability and reduce distractions by superimposing critical navigational information directly on the vehicle’s windscreen. A necessary first step in developing this system is to design a low-glance input interface system. This project includes four primary activities – background research, development of a prototype, prototype testing and evaluation, and model refinement. These activities are a necessary precursor to the full development and testing of a complimentary windshield display. Preliminary research included reviewing existing GPS systems and contemporary papers on AR-GPS to establish baseline constraints. Two potential interface solutions were created from these findings and tested for the usability factors of icon/text relationship and navigation model. With an improved input interface that reduces glance time, future steps can be taken to further develop the windshield interface.