chapter  7
Multifunctional Nanostructured Metallic Coatings by Electrodeposition
ByChee Tong John Low, Frank C. Walsh
Pages 32

This chapter illustrates the use of electrodeposition to produce

multifunctional nanostructured metallic coatings. Such coatings can

provide several engineering functionalities, including wear and cor-

rosion resistance to provide an effective tribological performance.

This chapter is divided into three parts. The first part provides a

concise overview of the principles of electroplating and anodising.

The next part explains the strategies adopted to electroplate

nanostructured metallic coatings, which include (a) grain refine-

ment, (b) application of a modulated current, (c) inclusion of

nanoparticles into the coating and (d) use of nanoporous templates.

The final part provides examples of multifunctional tribological

properties of coatings illustrated by research findings from our

laboratory and the literature. Multifunctional nanostructuredmetal-

lic coatings include (a) nanocrystalline, (b) functionally graded

and (c) nanocomposite types. Such coatings can provide improved

corrosion andwear resistance, decreased friction and longer service