chapter  3
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WithKen V. Bailey

Health issues to be documented include the occurrence of epidemic or endemic diseases, any existing data on nutritional, and the health coverage of the population, including community-based health care. Ensuring that the food and nutrition needs of disaster-stricken populations are adequately met, is often the most important component of the human, logistical, management and financial response to emergency management. Nutritional emergencies may be characterised not only by protein-energy malnutrition, wasting and growth failure but also a variety of micronutrient deficiency diseases, some of which lead to blindness, disability, paralysis and death. A major nutritional concern is to determine the nutritional requirements and in there is food shortage, how they can be met through generalised or selective food distribution. The nutritional action is to be undertaken in the general framework of localhealth services as part of community-based primary health care, to minimise inter-current infections and facilitate management of infections which occur.