chapter  12
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Non-invasive ventilation in the emergency department, for transferring patients and during intercurrent procedures A K Simonds

Feasibility of NIV in the emergency room 143

Studies of NIV in the emergency room 144

NIV in the emergency room in the ‘real world’ 146

Emergency room use of NIV in acute asthma 146

Can successful use of NIV be predicted? 147

Special considerations 148

Transfer of patients 148

Investigative procedures and perioperative use 151

Conclusion 153

References 153

As most patients are admitted to hospital via an emergency room or casualty department, and the early use of non-invasive ventilation (NIV) may reduce the need for intubation, mortality and hospital stay in patients with acute respiratory failure (ARF), it is not surprising that there has been increasing interest in applying NIV in the emergency room. Early studies included mixed groups of patients, which limits interpretation. Results so far show variable efficacy, although some clear messages and safety guidance emerge.