chapter  2
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Equipment for non-invasive ventilation: Ventilators, interfaces and accessories A K Simonds

The ideal ventilator 9

Volume or pressure ventilators 10

Hybrid modes 16

Laboratory lung model studies 17

Bench testing of ventilators for paediatric use 19

Ventilator timing 20

Triggered, assist control or controlled mode ventilation? High vs. low inflation pressures? 20

User friendliness of home ventilators 21

Non-invasive positive pressure interfaces 21

Humidification 27

References 29

The choice of appropriate ventilatory equipment depends on a number of crucial factors:

• The degree of ventilator dependency • Underlying pathophysiology and likelihood of progression • Level of general mobility/dexterity/muscle strength • Comfort and ease of use • Staff familiarity with equipment • Patient and family choice • Cost.