chapter  1
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Why Contain? Then and Now

WithJames P. Wood

The realization begins to dawn that a common definition to the word containment might be useful. Getting back to basics for a moment, the first inclination might be to look up containment in the dictionary. As more players in the industry become more involved in containing their processes, a number of definitions for containment will doubtless evolve. Likewise, the asbestos abatement industry employs extraordinary means at times to contain its product from people. The considerable cost of constructing “contained facilities” adds to the other cost components of production. The room, then, was the primary containment device. In effect, the operators were carrying their own personal safe environment, their personal protective equipment, along with them. Relating to our earlier definition of containment, their breathing masks and suits were isolating the people element, while the “contained room” protected the environment outside the room.