chapter  10
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An Array of Containment Designs

Following the Production Line in a Dry Products Secondary Manufacturing Operation
WithJames P. Wood

The local exhaust was designed to capture errant dust rising to the lip of the funnel, even though such dust would be nonpotent excipient being poured in rather than the active ingredient “trapped” inside the vessel. The level to which the containment effectiveness increases in an operation can actually enable a company to minimize or omit containment as a factor in selecting an optimal location. During the design phase of the project, the choice of blending technologies was narrowed to two: a high-shear, or “ribbon,” blender or a tumble blender. Containment was provided by unidirectional air flow. The production staff and the site industrial hygienist continue to log data from the facility to document a history on the reliability of the equipment and containment systems in place.