chapter  9
20 Pages

Flexible Containment for Primary Manufacturing/Bulk Operations

WithSteven M. Lloyd, Ronald W. Wizimirski

This chapter focuses on flexible containment of compound transfer operations, using specific recent work that ILC Dover has completed in pharmaceutical primary manufacturing, or bulk operations. One of the objectives of the flexible containment system is to provide a reliable and safe system for the transfer of compounds both to and from the processing vessels. A liner, which provides the containment barrier, and its restraint, which supports the mechanical loads imparted to the liner from the compound’s weight, are positioned under a processing vessel discharge flange. The sleeve film stub ensures that the containment of residual particulate from the discharge flange is bagged out and secured in the sleeve. Liner materials, which are manufactured to meet the stringent standards required for use in the United States, Europe, and throughout the world, are fabricated from a flexible material that is comprised of an olefinic base resin film that is electrostatic dissipative.