chapter  7
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Water Quality Modeling and Mapping using Landsat Data

WithCaiyun Zhang

In the Everglades, Landsat and MODerate resolution Imaging Spectroradiometer have been applied to estimate water quality parameters with an aim to develop remote sensing models to map water quality on a large spatial scale. Landsat has a suitable resolution to monitor shallow water quality. Compared to other satellite missions, the major benefits of Landsat Thematic Mapper for water quality monitoring include its mission continuity, cost-free data products, and absolute calibration. The chapter introduces several approaches for applying Landsat data for salinity modeling and mapping in Florida Bay. The capability of Landsat for water quality modeling is tested in Florida Bay, which is a marine lagoon at the southern end of Florida with an average depth of less than 1 meter. The linear regression models achieved an encouraging result in water salinity modeling and mapping using Landsat data in northeast Florida Bay.