Japanese Gelidiales (Rhodophyta), especially Gelidium ISAMU AKATSUKA
Pages 94

Recently, macroscopic seaweeds have attracted attention as one of the world’s natural resources and their marine agronomy or mariculture is becoming important (Michanek, 1971, 1972, 1975, 1978, 1983). Since early days the Japanese people haye been using seaweeds as a food and in recent decades they have developed cultivation techniques for Porphyra, Undaria, and Laminaria. Unfortunately, the mariculture of Gelidium and related species has not yet been successful and, indeed, little research is being carried out on this aspect. Therefore, to stimulate these studies I propose to review all the available literature on the Gelidiales, especially Gelidium which is the most important and most frequently investigated agarophyte in Japan in fields other than mariculture.