The Effects of Temperature and Salinity on DONALD S.MCLUSKY, the Toxicity of Heavy Metals to Marine VICTORIA BYRANT and Estuarine Invertebrates AND RUTH CAMPBELL
Pages 144

Despite the considerable effort expended on the toxicity testing of potentially harmful substances to aquatic organisms by many research organizations, relatively, few studies have examined the effect of the temperature and salinity on toxicity (Laws, 1981). The majority of studies have examined the toxicity of a substance at one temperature and salinity regime. For marine species this has meant studies in sea water (often, however, with the salinity of that water unstated), and for freshwater species this has meant the locally available tap or pond water (often, however, with the water hardness or pH unstated), with measurements at the local ambient temperature. There have been fewer studies of the toxicity of substances to estuarine animals, and even fewer cases where a range of temperatures and salinities have been included in the experimental design.