chapter  5
Diessner Farben und Lacke GmbH und Co. KG: Recycling Paint Sludge and Reducing Pollutants
ByMalti Taneja
Pages 20

This case study deals with Diessner GmbH und Co KG, which has received the Berlin Environmental Award by the Senate Department for Environmental Protection and Urban Development for the recycling process which the company developed for dealing with paint sludge.1 This sludge is obtained when manufacturing plants are cleaned out. After suitable treatment, this by-product can be added to a filler. Using this method the Diessner company has reduced the amount of waste it produces by more than 90%. According to the Senate Department, this process could give a lead to the industry as a whole, in view of the fact that no other effective use has previously been found for the paint sludge obtained from the cleaning out of manufacturing plants.