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even. If the population is symmetric about its mean, the sample median is also an estimator of the popu- lation mean. (See Volume 1, Section 8.1.4.) Sample Standard Deviation -- The square root of the sample variance. (See Volume 1, Section 8.1.4.) Sample Variance -- The sum of the squared deviations from the sample mean, divided by n-l. (See
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Resin System -- A mixture of resin, with ingredients such as catalyst, initiator, diluents, etc. required for the intended processing and final product.

Room Temperature Ambient (RTA) -- 1) an environmental condition of 73*5"F (23k3"C) at ambient laboratory relative humidity; 2) a material condition where, immediately following consolidation/cure, the material is stored at 73k5"F (23+3"C) and at a maximum relative humidity of 60%.