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ByAsh trace metal content should adverse effects on crops. A typical chemical analysis of calcium and magnesium based scrubber ash provided in Table 7-7. TABLE 7-7 TYPICAL FGD ASH COMPOSITION 1.0-1.5 32.0-35.0 10-15 3.0-3.5 12-23 12.0-17.0 42.0-46.0 - 0.4 4.5-7.0 0.5-0.7 - 0.45 0.0-0.1 units 9.65
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The principal form of lime and other dry alkaline materials transportation is pneumatic trucking. Pneumatic (blower) trucks are available with compartmented tanks varying from 700 to 1300 cu. ft. capacity (the latter delivers up to 20 tons of hydrate and 24 tons of pebble lime). Air for blowing is provided by a blower mounted on the trailer. The largest size of pebble lime that can be pumped efficiently from blower trucks is 1 'A in., although 1 in. top size is preferred. Pebble lime may be blown as much as 100 ft. vertically and 150 ft. on a combined vertical and horizontal run. Hydrated lime can be blown readily up to 300 ft. combined vertical and horizontal run. Normally a blower truck can be unloaded in about 60 minutes.