by common means. Major BIO*FIX product data are provided in Table Class A product has been used with 3-1.0
By7-11. BIO*FIX products with sufficient dryness and spreadability are successfully used as a landfill cover material substitute [18] [19]. As an agricultural liming agent, BIO*FIX very few site restrictions. BIO*FIX Class B product is typically utilized on
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At present (1995) there are over a dozen operational BIO*FIX installations in the U.S.A. processing over 70,000 dry tons of biosolids annually, the majority of which are owned and operated by the Bio Gro Division of Wheelabrator Clean Water Systems Inc. The largest BIO*FIX facility producing Class A material is located at the Bergen County Utility Authority (BCUA) WWTP in New Jersey.