chapter  3
CRITICAL INFRASTRUCTURES OF SMART CITIES Why Did Cities Exist?37 What Is a Smart City?37 What Is a Critical Infrastructure?38 Critical Infrastructure Frameworks for Smart Cities38 Securing the Critical Infrastructures for Smart Cities: e Plan40 Challenges of US-CERT for Smart Cities45 Challenges of Cybersecurity in Smart Cities45 e UAE Is Setting a Good Example45
ByU.S. Computer Emergency Readiness Team (US-CERT)44
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Aleppo is considered by many historians to be the oldest city in the world. e city today rests on four previous cities and civilizations. Its unique charm is in its chronic age and resilience to atrocious wars and continuous onslaughts. Since inscription, the layout of the old city in relation to the dominant citadel has remained basically unchanged. Conservation eorts within the old city have largely preserved the attributes of the Outstanding Universal Value. However, the setting is distinctly vulnerable due to the lack of control mechanisms in the planning administration, including the absence of a buer zone. e historical and traditional handicrafts and commercial activities continue as a vital component of the city sustaining its traditional urban life.