chapter  8
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The Potential for Ultrasound and Supercritical Fluid Extraction for Value-Added Processing of Canola

The application of ultrasound energy or sonication for process enhancement of bioactive molecules or compounds from plant material is widely published (Saliová et al., 1997; Vinatoru et al., 1997; Vinatoru, 2001; Bruni et al., 2002; Melecchi et al., 2002; Albu et  al., 2004; Schinor et  al., 2004; Wang and Weller, 2006). A fairly recent review has summarized the scope of ultrasonic-assisted extractions (Vilkhu et al., 2008). Part of the attraction of ultrasound for extraction processes is that it is a relatively simple and inexpensive method which can be conducted at ambient temperatures using any particular solvent (Ashokkumar et al., 2008).