chapter  10
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- Rapeseed Proteins: Recent Results on Extraction and Application

There is a worldwide growing demand on plant proteins. Large amounts of plant proteins are needed for the production of animal proteins, like meat, sh, eggs or milk, taking into account that about 8 kg of oilseed meal is needed to produce 1 kg of meat. Particularly, there is a rapidly increasing shortage of proteins which are prospectively needed for aquaculture, because shmeal production is no more to expand. Additionally, due to their nutritional and functional advantages, it is to expect that animal proteins more and more will be partially or completely replaced by proteins of vegetable origin in both certain human nutrition and industrial applications. In most cases, meals as by-products of the conventional oil mill process are not able to meet the quality requirements. Protein products of high purity, like pure protein fractions, protein isolates or concentrates are needed.