chapter  6
Ternary: An Overview of the Radix 3 System
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A ternary, or radix 3, based system there are three characters used that have no semantic meaning except not representing the other two characters. Group C will represent a non-random ternary sequential string and Group D will represent a random ternary sequential string. The total length for each group, Group C and Group D, will be 12 characters in length. The three characters to be used in this study are a 0, 1, and 2. Group C: [001122001122] Group D: [001222011222]

Again each group will be assigned a specifi c

compression multiple based on a specifi c character type, in this case an underlined 0, 1, and a 2, as defi ned in a key, Group C Key and Group D Key. Group C Key: The underlined characters 0, 1 and 2 will represent each a multiple of 2. Group D Key: The underlined character 0 will represent a multiple of 2. The underlined character 1 will represent a multiple of 2 and the underlined character 2 will represent a multiple of 3. Group C: [012012] Group D: [012012]

The compressed state of Group C, non-random, is 6 characters in length. The compressed string of Group D, random, is 6 characters in length. Again note that Group D, the random sequential ternary string, is less than it’s pre-compressed state, and again, is novel for those extrapolations of binary examples found in Kolmogorov Complexity.