Emulsion Polymer Isocyanates as Wood Adhesive: A Review
ByK. Grøstad, A. Pedersen
Pages 26

Abstract Emulsion Polymer Isocyanate (EPI) adhesives were introduced in the Japanese market for gluing of woodbased products approximately 30 years ago. The water-based emulsion adhesives with isocyanate as crosslinker are used in many parts of the world for production of different types of wood-based products such as: solid wood panels of different types, parquet, window frames, furniture parts, plywood, finger joints and load-bearing constructions like glulam beams and I-beams. The curing characteristics of EPI adhesives are quite complex and include film formation of the emulsion adhesive as well as chemical reactions of the highly reactive isocyanate towards water, hydroxy-, amines-and carboxy-groups. The advantages obtained by the use of EPI adhesives are fast setting speed, cold curing, light colored glueline, low creep of the glueline and high moisture resistance.