chapter  15
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Catalysis Contribution to a Sustainable Chemistry

ByPhilippe Kalck, Philippe Serp

During the industrial development, including the twenty-year period after World War II devoted to rebuilding the industrial and the economical framework, all the objectives of the chemical industry were aimed at manufacturing essential products and power production. Coal was the main raw material and the components related to the process energy, selectivity in the required products as well as the waste treatments were considered to be a secondary priority. Among the various factors that addressed these environmental issues and required from chemistry, it took into account the concept of sustainable development and the fi rst oil crisis in 1973 where the crude oil price abruptly doubled, played a crucial role. It is important to also underline the signifi cant progress performed in the synthetic pathways and the progressive awareness of the environmental issues, which led to the increasingly stringent legislations that we know today. These last aspects are closely intertwined and most of the time the binding legislation is just anticipating the progress that we can expect from the chemists.