chapter  1
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Green Process Engineering Design Methodology: A Multicriteria

The concept of sustainable development is based on the creation of products and goods using processes and non-polluting systems, which preserve energy resources and raw materials while being economically viable. The process industry has a unique position since it transforms raw material feedstock into intermediate and end-user products and thus sits at the core of almost all industrial value chains and uses. From this position, the industry empowers organizations to improve competitiveness while drastically reducing resource and energy ineffi ciency as well as the environmental footprint of the industrial activities. It is now widely recognized that all the major components in the process industry holistic value chain have to be considered to include raw materials, feedstocks and their source, conversion processes, intermediate and/or end-user needs and also waste streams. The era of “eco-effi ciency”, which aims to promote a more “effi cient” use of raw materials and energy in order to reduce the economic costs and the environmental impact of production must simultaneously be followed by an era of “eco-design”, where environmental parameters are taken into consideration right from the design of the product and process. “Eco-design” thus appears to be the operational contribution of sustainable development.