chapter  9
Neuroendocrine Actions of Amylin
ByAndrew Young, Candace Moore, John Herich, Kevin Beaumont
Pages 12

Am ylin is a 37-am ino acid pep tide th a t is localized with, and secreted w ith, insulin from the pancreatic beta cell. In hum ans, am ylin circulates at basal plasm a levels o f 4 to 8 pM , rising to levels o f 20 to 25 pM post-prandially .1,2 Amylin-like im m unoreactivity is also present in the am ygdala and o th e r b r a in r e g io n s .3 A m y lin show s som e s tru c tu ra l s im ila rity to ca lc ito n in gene-related pep tide (C G R P),4 th e calci­ ton ins (especially teleost calcitonins)5 and adrenom edullin .