chapter  2
CGRP Receptor Heterogeneity: Use of CG RP8-37
ByIan Marshall, Franca-Maria Wisskirchen
Pages 12

CGRP produces a w ide range o f central an d p erip h e ra l effects w h ich involve sh o rt-te rm an d long -te rm actions. Soon after th e id en tif ica tio n o f CG R P it was established th a t the pep tide d id n o t appear to act ind irectly via the release o f o th e r biologically active m ed ia to rs.1 T herefore it is w idely accep ted th a t m any effects o f C G R P a re m e d ia te d th r o u g h sp e c if ic m em brane-based receptors and up to now receptor classification has been forced to rely on rad io ligand b ind in g and isolated tissue studies. The recent identification o f specific binding sites for the related peptides am ylin and ad renom edu llin has m ade it m ore difficult to determ ine w hich recep­ tors are involved in a given situation.