chapter  9
Remote Symptomatic Epilepsies and Epileptic Syndromes: Etiological Spectrum
ByArturo Carpio, W. Allen Hauser
Pages 13

Arturo Carpio and W. Allen Hauser Most of the tropical countries in the world are underdeveloped or developing

countries that form part of the so-called “Third World”. These countries not only have geographic but also social, economic, and ethnic differences as compared to the northern countries of the world. Consequendy, there are substantial differences in the relationship between health and disease. The socioeconomic structure of de­ veloping countries is marked by profound contrasts. A small percentage of the popu­ lation has access to institutions, frequendy privately owned, equipped with the latest and most sophisticated methods of diagnosis, which offer high quality service. But the majority of the populations seek health care from the few public institutions that cannot provide optimal services because of economic and administrative limi­ tations. Most of the population suffers the effects of poverty, illiteracy, and malnu­ trition. Infectious and parasitic diseases remain the leading cause of mortality in these developing countries.1