chapter  chapter five
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Electronic human resource management in SMEs

An exploratory study in a Portuguese municipality
WithSara Carvalho, Carolina Machado

The advent of technology has revolutionized, among other aspects of our daily life, the business world and, in particular, human resource management (HRM). In recent years, several HRM processes, from recruitment and selection to training or performance appraisal, among others, are increasingly being supported by web-based technology. Electronic-HRM (e-HRM) seems to have a positive impact on HR processes’ effectiveness and efficiency, but further and better studies need to be done in order to more definitively confirm this relationship. Although the latest decades have been productive on research on e-HRM, few authors have 80specifically studied this reality in the context of small and medium enterprises (SMEs). In this work, we present the results of a small exploratory study on e-HRM among a few local SMEs, which have revealed that, in general terms, e-HRM in SMEs is more common among administrative, communication, and recruitment processes.