chapter  11
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Female urology and neurourology

ByRizwan Hamid, Vinay Kalsi, Julian Shah

Q. A 35-year-old woman presents with urinary frequency, urgency, urgency incontinence and nocturia. How would you approach this patient’s problem?

A. I would review her in my dedicated bladder dysfunction clinic. I would like to elucidate the following points from her history: • When did the symptoms first appear? • Are there any exacerbating factors? • Are there any associated obstructive symptoms or proven urinary infections? • How many (if any) pads does she have to wear throughout the day? • Is this problem affecting her quality of life? • Is there any history of neurological disease? • Has she had any previous pelvic operations? • Is she a smoker? • Does she drink excessive amounts of caffeinated beverages? • What medication is she taking?