chapter  15
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Commonly asked viva questions

OncOlOgy • How would you manage a patient who has a PSA of 200 and a positive bone scan

with a biopsy proving Gleason 8 adenocarcinoma of the prostate? • How would you explain to a GP how to start LHRH analogue treatment? • When can you give the first LHRH injection? • How would you manage bone pain in metastatic prostate cancer? • What are the 2-week guidelines for referral of suspected malignancy? • How would you investigate a 50-year-old man with painless haematuria? • How would you investigate a 3 cm mass in the kidney detected on renal ultrasound

scan? • How would you manage a newly diagnosed pT1G3 tumour in the bladder? • What if the patient with a pT1G3 bladder tumour also has CIS? • What is the TNM classification for bladder cancer? • Draw the transverse appearance of the prostate as it would appear on TRUSS. • Discuss the role of interferon-a in the treatment of RCC? • What are the complications of radical prostatectomy? • What are the complications of radiotherapy for carcinoma of the prostate? • What are the risks of ureterolysis? • What is the role of finasteride in prostate cancer prevention? • How would you investigate a female patient with painless haematuria who is on

methotrexate treatment? • How would you administer mitomycin C? • Tell me about the Bosniak classification. • Describe the technique of TRUSS and prostate biopsy. • What are Partin’s tables? • Tell me about prostate brachytherapy. • What happens to PSA levels after radiotherapy treatment? • What is the aetiology of carcinoma of the bladder? • What is an acceptable GFR prior to undergoing chemotherapy? • What is accelerated MVAC? • How common is cord compression in advanced carcinoma of the prostate? • What is the half-life of PSA? • What is the significance of a high PSA nadir following LHRH analogue treatment?

• What chemotherapy can be used in advanced prostate cancer? • Tell me about VHL. • What is the incidence of upper tract TCC? How often would you image the upper