chapter  13
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Urban and industrial water use challenges

WithE. Cabrera

ABSTRACT: In countries in which agricultural dominates water uses, like Spain, urban and industrial water demand is, from the quantity point of view, a minor issue. Nevertheless, in the last decades this use is gaining relevance, a fact that explains an elemental risk analysis: although even in dry periods the probability of a supply failure is low, the costs associated to that fail are extremely high. In any case, problems linked to agricultural uses are, generally speaking, different of those related to urban and industrial uses. In very few occasions both uses compete, and then the problems are rather decoupled. However, as they share the framework, most of the challenges these uses faces (i.e., to adapt old policies to the current scenario), are common. And because of that, those who are interested in agricultural uses can find in this chapter some interesting ideas on the challenges that urban water faces and on the guidelines to walk towards a more sustainable water management.