chapter  4
Complex and Social Network Analysis Metrics and
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Exploiting features from Social Network Analysis (SNA) in Complex Network Analysis (CNA) and control, as explained in previous chapters, requires quantifying such features in accurate manners and then evaluating the effectiveness of the approaches with proper and measurable means. As mentioned already, these elements from network science could be used for improving several aspects of network performance and in various application settings, i.e., in different applications and diverse network structures. Such elements from SNA and network science should be measured and assessed in a meaningful, scalable and computationally efficient manner in order to be successfully identified first and then employed in the various application frameworks. Defining and exploiting the appropriate evaluation metrics that will be applied in the corresponding analysis and development mechanisms is also an important part of social/complex network analysis. In fact it is one of the first steps a designer should take in order to determine appropriately the effectiveness and efficiency of the developed mechanisms.