chapter  18
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TLC of Nonopioid Analgesics, Anti-Inammatics, and Antimigraine Drugs

Pain has accompanied man for ages and in the 1970s was dened in many ways, for example, such as unpleasant feelings causing a specic defense mechanism and characteristic emotional state. In the late 1990s, pain has been dened as a complex phenomenon of unpleasant sensation of different type and intensity, showing the damage or danger of damaging tissues as well as accompanying emotional reactions and many vegetative symptoms. According to the International Association for the Study of Pain (IASP), pain is an unpleasant sensational and emotional feeling, accompanying the existence or the danger of damaging tissue or connected with such damage. Humankind has been ghting with pain for ages. Despite the great development in medicine, pain is still present in our lives, and the ght with it is still one of the priorities of our healthcare. There are different methods of killing pain such as pharmacological, surgical, psychotherapeutic, and physiotherapeutic. An effective pain cure is very essential not only for individuals-directly concerned people-but for the whole society since pain that is not cured, lasts for a long time, and chronic pain can lead to serious mental and physical disorders. Even though pain is an unpleasant sensation, it is an alarm of a changed ill organism. The pain border is very individual, and it changes under the inuence of external and internal factors (Makulska-Nowak 2004).