chapter  13
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Field Emission Study of Thermally Exfoliated Wrinkled Graphene

WithTessy Theres Baby, Sundara Ramaprabhu

The two dimensional (2D) graphene is the rising star in the field of nanotechnology among scientific community because of its exceptional properties. Single layer of graphene is having peculiar properties like high electrical and thermal conductivity, good ballistic transport, chemical inertness, and so on [1, 2]. In 2004, Geim and Novoslev have successfully extracted and characterized single layer of graphene by micro mechanical cleavage [3]. After that, different techniques have been developed for small scale and large scales synthesize of single layer and few layer (2-5 layer) graphene. The different methods of synthesize of graphene include thermal exfoliation [4], hydrogen induced exfoliation of graphite oxide (GO) [5], chemical vapor deposition [6], and so on. Depending on the way in which graphene synthesis, the numbers of layers as well as properties of graphene change.