chapter  6
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◾ Cloud-Based Intelligent Tutoring Mechanism for Pervasive Learning


LMS not only provides available courses, manages the learner and user, and maintains learning record, but also acts the role of the display platform of the learning component produced by the authoring tool mentioned earlier. erefore, collecting the user information is quite important for further analysis, provide the author share the course, learning portfolio, record, and through the distributed learning systems to break the information exchange problem in the individual digital learning platform, allow the user to use one learning system and to get the dierent courses or information from the other systems. e storage is the platform to collect and store the

learning component, and the system that stores the course component and provides the function such as research, publish, import, and export is called repository system. is research is based on the rich computing resource of cloud environment, aims to assist pervasive learning, and develops the core mechanism and related service. We use the HTML5 standard and Android operations systems to develop; escaping the dilemma of previous product development is limited by the terminal device.